brands are alive
brands are alive


Cogfree assists brands and businesses to free themselves from functioning like a mere cog in the giant wheel of the business ecosystem. Hence, the name Cogfree. We are a full service creative agency that passionately strives to bring the “life back to business” and the “business back to life.” Period. No fancy mission and vision statements. No verbose corporate comatose.
And in the process, we love being unabashedly human. Moles, warts et all. We treat your brand as human too. Alive and throbbing with life. Magnificent but vulnerable. Confident yet pleading to be cared for. We emphasize because we feel exactly the same. If you are ready to go the distance with us, this is one creative partnership that might make heads turn (and hearts drool!)



Sudhyasheel Sen
Founder and Creative Director / Chief Druid
Loves: Minimalism, Music and Startups
Swears by Seth Godin, Stanley Kubric and Mark Knopfler
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Amit Dahal
Business Development Manager
Loves: Politics and Current Affairs
Swears by: Narendra Modi
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Suprabhat Naskar
Art Director
Loves: Typography and Bengali Novels
Swears by: Satyajit Ray


We passionately strive to bring the “life back to business” and the “business back to life.” Period. No fancy Mission and Vision statements. No verbose corporate comatose.

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Cogfree Cares

We are helplessly in love with our city of joy, Kolkata, and we try our best in doing whatever little that we can in utilizing our skills and talents to give back to this enchanting city. Here are some projects and organizations that we are deeply involved with.


    Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give back to those in need.Help Portrait Kolkata is our local contribution to the worldwide event.


    Humanists empowering families out of poverty in slum communities and villages in India.Working under the main areas of Education, Sustainability, Birth Control & Family Planning and Medical Assistance.


    For our Diwali gifting in 2019, we repurposed discarded billboard banners and

    up-cycled them to make notebook folders. Since the vinyl billboards are non-biodegradable by nature, they usually land up in landfills post their use. Our clients were delighted to receive these eco-friendly gifts and pledged to be more mindful of the environmental impacts of their business.



It is great to have Cogfree as our agency. They understand the brief fast and come out with quite creative options. They are very pro-active with every campaign provided to them and deliver within the timeline. There is always a sense of responsibility with the team. Their ideas and artwork for POS material have been very creative and have been appreciated at the market level as well. We wish them best of luck and value their seamless support to us.

- Pawan Bajpai, PowerCell Division, Eveready Industries India Ltd.

Sudhyasheel excels in quickly grasping any given situation and conceiving solutions, and has proved this many times - while working with us to provide communication solutions to a social enterprise providing energy access to the undeserved. What is really impressive is how Sudhyasheel can break down complex problems into very simple issues to deal with. Sudhyasheel undertook his responsibilities with utmost sincerity and dedication. We value the support we receive from Sudhyasheel and Cogfree very much.

Vinay Jaju Co-Founder and COO at ONergy

One of the best branding, design and graphic companies I have ever worked with. The team is terrific, varied and multi dimensional when it comes to crunching creative ideas and concepts. Highly recommend Sudhyasheel and Cogfree to anyone looking to launch a successful brand in a competitive marketplace or simply wanting to spice up their existing image.

- Hemley Gonzalez, Founder, Responsible Charity, Corp.

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